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Project Outline

To advance awareness on the effects and preventive measures of Osteoporosis pandemic and the plight of the elderly in Africa.





Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become fragile and more likely to break if not prevented or if left untreated, Osteoporosis can progress painlessly until a bone breaks. These broken bones also known as fractures occur typically in the hip, spine, and wrist. The disease affects both young and old people.


In most African countries, research hasn’t been done to ascertain the prevalence of the disease, despite its heavy toll on the health of the elderly.


A clinical study carried out in Kenya reveals that the prevalence of the disease among the post menopausal Kenyan women currently stands at 24.5 per cent.


Another growing concern is the rise of older persons aged 60 years and above from a modest 270,000 during the first National Population census report in 1949 to 1.4 million in 1999 National population and housing census in Kenya.


The project draws directly on pertinent issues of aging in Africa and hopes to present a picture of the Osteoporosis pandemic and create awareness on the preventive and curative measures.


The project also captures the realities of the elderly people in Africa and will help to advance policies and attitudes which support their needs and contributions.


Aims & Objectives


The main purpose of the project is to advance knowledge of this “Silent disease” that is not well known or understood in Africa, while the elderly bears the brunt end of the aging process.


Its objectives are:


  • To sensitize the East African population on the need to take charge of their health issues and motivate them to develop positive attitudes and habits towards the elderly people.
  • To enhance, promote, advance awareness on the effects of Osteoporosis pandemic on the elderly people in Africa.
  • To encourage geriatric research in Africa and information dissemination through publications, seminars, exhibitions and training workshops.
  • To encourage and facilitate the initiation of community based projects that are acceptable, affordable and sustainable aimed at improving the health and general welfare of the elderly community groups in the region.




The Kenya Osteoporosis Prevention and Elderly Care Service (KOPECS) is a five year old brain child of Shalom Media, registered in 1996 as an alternative media service.


KOPECS awareness creation program is non-profit endeavor operating as a project of Shalom Media humanitarian initiative in Kenya. It is supported by Kenyan volunteers of diverse backgrounds that share similar concerns without donor funding.




KOPECS has embarked on field surveys, networking, media mobilization and building information structures in the East African region.


The success of the project will depend on the support of key stakeholders such as government departments, academics, non-government organizations, donor agencies and local institutions, helping to shape and advance the project design, advocacy and policy deliberations.


Opportunities may present themselves for this project to contribute immensely for better health in old age for the current young generation and others to come.

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